Personal, Business and Corporate Team Goal setting programs

Do you have written goals for your Career, your business, your retirement, your family or how you want to spend your time off?

  • 83% of the population have no goals.
  • 14% have a plan in mind but not written.
  • 3% have written goals.

‘With these stats, it’s no surprise that the top 1% of the world’s population control 50% of the wealth according to a 2015 report by a Credit Suisse.’

Written goals and a robust action plan is the way to guide yourself proactively rather than just flowing with the current. One50 Group has a structured goal setting program that is designed to help our clients reach their goals whatever they may be.

  • Corporate Goal Setting for your team with one of our Registered Financial Advisers to help you understand and motivate your team to achieve.
  • Business Goal Setting for you and your business partners is the best way to establish a strategic plan to take your business forward. Our Registered Financial advisers are essentially the mediators who can help you through this process.

Personal Goal Setting for you and your spouse and family is a proven way to strengthen your relationship and understand what each of you need to do to deliver your combined goals.