Taxes are a bit like faulty plumbing: all too easy to ignore until they’re so muddled that they start to cause you all manner of problems.

The main areas we can help you with are known as tax compliance and tax planning. Good tax compliance ensures that you avoid breaking any laws, or incurring any penalties for negligence. Tax planning, by contrast, looks at ways to reduce your tax burden and eliminate any unnecessary sources of “tax bleed”.


More specifically, we offer services like:
  • Assistance with IRD audits and disputes
  • Risk management
  • Helping you file tax returns
  • Improving your business structure to protect your assets
  • Carrying out due diligence on your behalf
  • ACC levy management


One of the best things you can do for your business is hiring a diligent and creative tax accountant. The top experts in the industry essentially act like private investigators, searching in the hidden corners of your company for loose threads that are putting you at risk, or possibilities for improvement. The difference this process can make is often dramatic and it leaves you free to focus on what really matters.

If you’re unclear about taxes or how to best approach them, we would love to help.