Trusts are a fantastic way to protect your ownership of assets without losing your right to enjoy them.

The purpose of a trust is to future-proof things like your property, your children’s education fund, or your inheritance. All too often, we see clients whose most valuable assets are being threatened by claims and creditors. If a new business venture fails, for example, you may need to sell your house in order to pay back any outstanding loans. Or if your daughter goes through an acrimonious divorce, she might be at risk of losing the inheritance you spent your life putting together.

By transferring ownership through a trust, you can prevent these awful experiences from happening to you.

At the same time, it’s estimated that more than half of trusts fail in their purpose because of things like sloppy wording or other mistakes. That’s why asking for professional help to set up a trust is so important.

At One50, we can guide you through the process from start to finish. Our trust experts can help you establish a watertight trust, and assist you with the regular reviews and updates that are necessary to maintain the trust’s validity. We’re also happy to act as an independent trustee on your behalf.

To put your mind at ease on these and other matters, contact our friendly team today.