CEO On-Call

Does your small business have skill gaps in its management team? Do you wish you had someone to call when you and your team are looking for advice and direction for business growth? Do you often wish you had a business partner to bounce off the ideas and share the load with the strategic direction of your business?

One50 Group has the solution, CEO On-Call

NZ is a land of small business owners with the majority having grown from the owner’s skill base in a certain industry or trade and although they may be great ‘on the tools’ their skill base in management and strategy is often left to chance. One50 Group’s CEO On-Call program fills the skill gaps and advises on business strategy and growth as most small businesses cannot afford to hire the senior management people they need.

  • Goal setting
  • Establishing a Strategic plan
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource

One50 Group works with you at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels to determine how to establish your strategic plan and current organizational mission.

This approach will enable you to maximize returns while minimizing your monthly expenditure.  CEO On-Call program provides a seamless enhancement to your existing skills and experience. Regardless of your level of staffing and sophistication, we can improve your results.

Our process starts with an assessment of your goals and business:

  • We will first help you to establish your future goals
  • We will review and assess your current performance and assist you in defining (or redefining) your objectives and process goals.
  • We will work with you to outline what current structures, processes and skills are in place and your ability to address your current and near-term challenges.
  • We look at your team and operations to develop an integrated, overall perspective. We will include all functional areas in our overall assessment.
  • We will review your current work and activity flows, staffing, reporting accuracy (and timing), and objectively define and measure results, and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • We will oversee the process for improvement, monitor progress and revise our approach, as appropriate.
  • One50 Group is committed to helping you achieve measurable results consistent with your goals. Our work effort can be as little as a few hours per month and can include onsite, phone, video-conferencing or email support throughout each month. Our advice will result in improvements and typically will generate tangible cost savings or increased revenue that can be used to fund your “wish we could afford” list.
  • As a part of your executive team, we are available at any time in an emergency or when something new or unexpected occurs. Because of our collective experience, we can support your team with valuable skills and knowledge in those transactional areas where your staff may have limited or no exposure. We have been there and know what to do.

Our CEO On-Call program enables you to tap into those high-level resources in an affordable way that is tailored to your specific needs from as little as $1,000 +gst per month.