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KiwiSaver & Investment
70% of people are with the banks and default Kiwisaver funds and will lose 10’s of thousands of dollars in benefit between now and 65. It’s essential to take proper advice on this. Whether you will use this for your first home or retirement, we get your investments working for you

One50 Group is an experienced team of financial advisers united by a single mission: to help as many people as possible achieve financial freedom.

The main thing that sets us apart is the comprehensive nature of the services we offer. We were fed up with how stratified the financial services industry has become, and we realised that it would save clients a lot of stress and hassle if we could provide bundled advice on all the most complex subjects.

Mortgage Advice
Buying your First Home? An Investment Property? Reduce Debt fast. We’ll show you the fastest way out of debt using the best financial concepts which the banks and finance companies do not want you to know. We’ll also get you the sharpest rates available when you want to fix your mortgage, all at no cost to you!

Whether you are a small business just starting out or a well-established company looking to grow we can help across all aspects of your accounting needs. At One50 Group our team of professionals from across Accounting, Law, Marketing and Business Management work with you to map out the future of your business and mentor you through the steps required to achieve business success.

Insurance & Risk Management
It’s very important to ensure that your risks are well covered through the best insurances so that your plans for financial success are not de-railed through something happening that was beyond your control. Our team of specialists cover everything from commercial to personal insurances and will review and advise on the best possible options available to you.