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Shanna Parson,  Lawyer, Head of Insurance 
Shanna Parsons is the Head of General Insurance at One50 Group.  Shanna has worked in the insurance industry since 2001, where she commenced her career working for large New Zealand insurers before going on to obtain a law degree from Auckland University, during which time she worked as a Legal Executive and Lawyer for eight years at a well-known Auckland law firm specialising in Insurance Law. 
Hope Etienne,  CFO | Head of Accounting
Auckland born and raised Hope is a qualified chartered accountant who started her accounting career working for a well known global accounting firm. Hope was named partner in December 2019 here at One50 Group. She holds her Certificate of Public practice and wears two hats –  running our accounting business and also our group CFO. Hope enjoys working alongside her clients to give pragmatic advice and support them on their ventures with many of them at differing stages of the business life cycle. 
Sarah Maclennan, Head of Mortgage 
Sarah’s role is to make sure things run like clockwork in our mortgage business. Having been with the company for nearly eight years she has a vast knowledge of how the company runs overall.  The majority of her day is spent dealing with the various banks, and helping the team get their clients mortgage approvals in place efficiently. Sarah brings years of experience in Administration and Operation Management, 8 of which were within the Real Estate Industry. 
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Claudia Twine, Head of KiwiSaver 

Claudia heads up our innovative KiwiSaver Team here at One50 Group. Her main role as a KiwiSaver Adviser is to gain a holistic understanding of our clientele and to advise specifically in relation to your KiwiSaver timeline. Whether this be for retirement, or getting you to into your first home, Claudia is the one to talk to.