A house, for many people, is the product of decades of hard work. The idea of losing it and starting again from scratch is almost unbearable.

If your home were to burn down tomorrow, how would you cope with the disaster? Would you be able to pick up the pieces and regain a comfortable and happy position?

Home insurance is designed to help you on that path. If something happens to your house, the compensation you receive will drastically mitigate the blow to your finances. You’ll be able to afford temporary accommodation, and you’ll be extremely well-placed to start looking for a new house. For most homeowners who lose their property, a good insurance policy is the number one reason they’re able to recover quickly.

And it’s not just big disasters that you need to protect yourself from. Relatively minor problems like retaining wall damage, garden damage, and window breakage can be surprisingly expensive to fix. Fortunately, these and similar issues can generally be covered by the same policy that protects your house as a whole.

The best way to wrap your head around home insurance is to talk to an experienced advisor about your options. The friendly One50 team would be happy to help.