Your home shouldn’t be taken from you just because things don’t go your way.

All too frequently, we talk with people who are on the verge of losing their house because they can’t keep up with rent or mortgage repayments. This very often isn’t their fault. Chronic illness, workplace accidents, sporting injuries, the death of a loved one, and other misfortunes can throw even the most careful financial plan into a state of disarray.

Mortgage insurance is designed to keep your house in your hands, even when the worst happens. If you lose your job due to illness or injury, your insurance provider will give you regular payments that allow you to meet your obligations.

It’s a bit different to income protection because it usually isn’t tied to ACC cover – meaning you can often receive both at the same time. By contrast, income protection will offset any payments you receive from ACC at claim time.

This is also an agreed value contract and can be based on a % of your income if you don’t have a mortgage.

To find out more details about the different types of cover and which option is best for you, contact one of our friendly consultants.