As any vehicle owner knows, at least some degree of motor insurance is necessary to avoid the risk of an accident being financially crippling.

Even if you’re driving a barely roadworthy $500 sedan, it could still set you back tens of thousands of dollars if you crash it into a Mercedes. To avoid this situation, third-party insurance is highly recommended to all motorists. This is an ideal option if your car isn’t worth much in itself.

If your own vehicle is valuable, then it’s also a good idea to get a comprehensive cover that will safeguard you against various types of damage. This includes fire, theft, and even lost or stolen keys (which can be much more expensive than you’d think).

In New Zealand, it’s often possible to add an “Uninsured Motorist Extension” (UME) to your policy. This protects you against damage caused by other motorists who don’t have any insurance. In such cases, your insurance company will have to do a lot of work chasing the other motorist to cover costs, so you sometimes have to pay a considerable excess and risk losing your no-claims bonus. The UME guards against this possibility.

The experienced advisers at One50 Group would be happy to help you find the motor insurance that suits your specific needs.