Everyone in New Zealand has access to free medical treatment for most conditions. The downside is that too often we have to wait for treatment and these days public waiting lists are getting longer and longer and our public system being put under more and more pressure while it is hugely underfunded.

You can be on waiting months or in some cases years for relatively serious procedures like hip & knee replacements that can affect not only your wellbeing but your ability to work. There is an option to go privately for these procedures however this can be prohibitively expensive.

The other issue we have in New Zealand is that Pharmac has a limited budget so a lot of extremely effective drugs, especially in the treatment of cancer, are not currently funded for example at any one time Pharmac would generally subsidise around 1800 of the 4000 drugs approved for use by Medsafe, so there are a huge amount of drugs that would be the preferred treatment which are on a user pays system that can literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and can be the difference between living and dying.

We can advise you on the best Medical cover to allow you to have the best and most relevant treatment for your condition in the quickest timeframe possible without having to wait for the public system or raise funds yourself to cover the costs of non pharmac drugs!

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