Enjoy perfect peace of mind while you travel.

No matter where you’re planning to go overseas – or for how long – it’s absolutely vital to have a good travel insurance policy. Many people people think of travel insurance as something that covers commonplace events like luggage being stolen or flights being missed. This is true – but far more important is the adequate coverage of unforeseen medical expenses and repatriation.

If you fall sick overseas, you can’t rely on free treatment like you can in New Zealand. This can make accidents extremely expensive. Hospital bills add up surprisingly quickly, particularly when you need complex surgery or long-term care. Sometimes you’ll need medical repatriation to New Zealand; and if you die overseas, your body will need to be brought home. Both of these processes are enormously expensive, and can leave you or your family crippled with debt.

To avoid such strife, taking out travel insurance is the only sensible option. Equally important is ensuring that your policy is comprehensive, and covers all the activities you’re planning to undertake while you’re on the road.

A One50 adviser can help you sift through the multitude of options out there, and figure out which travel insurance policy is best for you.