Having the wrong KiwiSaver plan could be undermining your dream retirement.

Ever since KiwiSaver was established in 2007, there have been a huge variety of plans and schemes to choose from. The right plan depends on your age, your circumstances, your hopes for the future, and many other factors. Unfortunately, a lot of New Zealanders pay very little attention to what they’re signed up for.

Don’t let yourself be one of them. By carefully selecting a plan that suits your needs, you can set yourself up for a brighter and more comfortable future. And by regularly reviewing your provider, your fund type, your contribution amount and more, you can ensure that KiwiSaver contributes to your life rather than the other way round.

The best first step is to get in touch with a professional advisor who can guide you through the ins and outs of this complex system. The team at One50 will work with you to make sure you’re getting the most from KiwiSaver, and not missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in potential retirement funds. The final decision is ultimately in your hands but we’ll help you become informed about all the different options out there.

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KiwiSaver First Home Withdrawal

In New Zealand, the idea of owning a house is now an ambitious plan rather than an expectation.

Planning for Retirement

It’s important to start forming your plan early because every little bit you do now will have snowball effects later on.

Australian Superannuation

If you’re moving between New Zealand and Australia, you might be eligible to take your retirement savings with you.

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