Having a sizeable deposit is the best way to negotiate a favourable home loan.

Of course, saving for a deposit isn’t easy. These days, you’re often expected to pay as much as 20% of a property’s value up front – and this can be a very difficult task when house prices are rising so steeply across New Zealand.

There are two main things an expert One50 advisor can help you with. First, we can give you advice on how to meet your deposit goals. It’s one thing to put some savings aside each week, but it’s quite another to have a comprehensive financial plan that propels you towards your deposit target.

Second, our strong relationships with various local lending institutions put us in a great position to negotiate reasonable loan terms on your behalf. If you try to secure a loan on your own, you risk putting yourself at the mercy of an unfair or less-than-ideal mortgage agreement. Just one less stringent condition on your mortgage can save you from a world of stress in the long run. It also helps to have professional advice if you hope to secure a low-deposit mortgage.

If you want to make sure you get the best possible terms for your mortgage, we’d love to help.