A pre-approval helps you avoid nasty surprises when you’re hunting for a new home.

It’s usually an excellent idea to get a conditional pre-approval for your home loan. Pre-approvals are a type of written statement from your lender, confirming before you actually buy a property that you’ll be allowed to borrow a specific amount of money to pay for it.

This helps you know exactly how much money is at your command before you commit to anything. It also makes it clear to sellers and agents that you’re a serious contender for a house. It’s impossible to bid at an auction, for example, without a pre-approval.

Every pre-approval has certain conditions that need to meet in order to ensure its validity. If your circumstances change, or even if your bank’s circumstances change, you may find yourself denied access to the promised loan. Partly for this reason, it’s important to get help from a professional financial advisor who can help make sure your pre-approval is reliable.

If you need expert assistance with the pre-approval application process, or just want to be sure that you’ve fully grasped everything you need to know, we’re here to help.