First Home Coach

Do you and your partner have a combined $65,000 or more in KiwiSaver & Savings and a combined income of $90,000 or more? If so, you may qualify for our Signature First Home Coaching package.

We start with pre-qualifying your current financial situation to find the best way to help you achieve your dream of owning your first home. This can often be done with some advice over the phone to quickly establish the next steps, then your First Home Coach will take you through:

  • The advantages of building a new home,
  • The overall process of buying and building from start to finish,
  • We will help you to organise the finance approval starting with our money management tool,
  • We will ensure your house is planned & built within budget,
  • We will give you Kiwi Saver advice on how to use it for your first home,
  • We will see if you qualify for a first home buyer grant,
  • We will give you advice around your personal and home and contents insurance to make sure your new level of risk is covered and that you have the best available cover.
  • We would set up the best mortgage structure to maximise your interest savings and ensure you can pay that mortgage as fast as possible.
  • Our team of advisers are available to talk to you outside working hours to give you the best advice and service at a time that suits you.
  • We would help with your overall financial planning, to put you in the best position to buy more property over the years ahead with advice from our specialists at Wealth Build.

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