Mortgage Application Process

Complete a One50 Group mortgage application

The basics

  • 6 months bank statements for your transactional bank account (day to day)
    • Typically the one you pay your groceries, purchase things from the dairy etc
  • 6 months bank statements for your savings account

Getting help from family – gifting, loans and guarantees

  • If using funds from family then we will either need a gifting certificate (download) or loan certificate (download) to evidence where the additional deposit is coming from.
    • We advise you to speak to your One50 Group adviser as to the difference between the two and we will always refer you to get independent legal advice

If using KiwiSaver

  • We will need a letter from your kiwisaver provider confirming you are eligible to withdraw your kiwisaver and how much is available
    • Simply email your provider and ask for then to send you an eligibility letter containing the above info

Short term debts

  • Credit cards/Q cards/GemVisa/Farmers card
    • 6 month bank statements for each card that you have

    Shore term loans – car finance, small bank loans, UDC

    • 6 month bank statements for each loan that you have
      • This is to show the bank you make repayments on existing debts

If you have a mortgage already

  • 6 months bank statements for each loan that you have

Income evidence

If employed

  • 3 of your most recent payslips or a copy of your employment contract
  • If you receive bonus of commission income
    • Your last 12 months IRD tax returns which you can download from the IRD here
      • We will need to evidence this additional income over time in order to use it

If self-employed/business owner – with this income the more info we have the better outcome we can get for you

    • Your last two years of full financials prepared by an accountant
    • Ideally your last two years tax returns which you can find here (link to IRD website)
    • Year to date Profit and Loss statement which your accountant should be able to do or if you have Xero/MYOB its easily generated on there


  • A copy of each borrowers drivers licence or passport