Are you sitting on a goldmine in your existing property? Many of our clients are and the  Subdivide team can help you to unlock that goldmine through our subdivide and build process. The Subdivide package includes:

  • An initial assessment of your property and a subdivision feasibility plan. This is a conversation with one of our planners who will discuss the process and considerations for you when considering subdividing your property.
  • Following the recommendation of our planners we can then use this report so our design team can plan the house inline with any constraints that will be applied through the subdivision process.
  • Our planning team can then handle every aspect of the subdivision including obtaining consent from the council and all 3rd party works required such as surveyors, earthworks right through to installing services to your new section.
  • Our financial advisers will undertake a financial plan and review including establishing levels of borrowing you can achieve and what the bank requirements will be. We can help you determine the appropriate outcome, build to sell or build to keep and discuss the relevant ownership structures and tax considerations for each
  • Along with managing the mortgage structure process from start to finish the financial advice team will also provide you with some longer-term planning advice. Everything from KiwiSaver, insurances for the subdivision and build process and beyond, through to building an overall wealth plan through the team at Investment.
  • Our team of advisers are available to talk to you outside working hours to give you the best advice and service at a time that suits you.

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