Claudia Twine

Claudia heads up our innovative KiwiSaver Team here at One50 Group.

Her main role as a KiwiSaver Adviser is to gain a holistic understanding of our clientele and to advise specifically in relation to your KiwiSaver timeline. Whether this be for retirement, or getting you to into your first home, Claudia is the one to talk to.

As our Senior KiwiSaver Adviser, Claudia works side by side with our resident Financial Advisers to implement a KiwiSaver strategy tailored to help you reach your goals. Claudia also specialises in Australian Super Transfers, working with our clients to bring that money to New Zealand to consolidate their retirement savings.

Claudia has a broad interest in finance, keeping up to date with an eclectic range of personal finance content & investment strategies. Some her favourite being, The Financial Diet, The Minimalists, Sharesies, and Cooking the Books.

Claudia loves to stay active; if she’s not playing her One50 Group social netball team, she’s at her local CrossFit Gym, getting ready for her first competition! Some would say Claudia is obsessed with coffee, though she tends to describe it as a ‘fixed expense and an absolute necessity”. That and a good book – she’s always keeping up to date with newest Best Sellers, even pre-ordering if it’s a goodie.

Claudia has endeavoured in a change of career paths. Coming from a Social Work background specialising in Youth Development, she graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Social Work.