Josh Farry

As a Registered Financial Adviser and Partner in One50 Group, Josh is actively involved day to day as a mortgage and insurance specialist. Josh’s passion is to help people create financial success in their lives. With a real appreciation for how sound financial advice can significantly improve people’s situations, he takes real satisfaction from making a difference to the lives of all his clients. When Josh invests his time with someone, he always ensures he leaves them in a much better position than when they first met him.

Josh is actively involved in the property market not only as a home-owner but also as an investor in both residential and commercial properties.

Outside of work, Josh likes to challenge himself by competing in multisport events such as triathlons. He also enjoys riding motorbikes, surfing and fishing when he can find the time. Josh lives on the winter-less Hibiscus Coast with his beautiful wife, Toni.

Josh welcomes the opportunity, with no obligation, to chat with you about your personal goals and how he can help.

022 313 4421