Kale Emery

Kale has an unequivocal thirst for knowledge and progress. His professional history is broad and development orientated; from “on the tools” in trade, to National Account Management, to Founding and running his own business. Kale’s focus on collaborative work has allowed him to obtain a wide knowledge base that he can share with those around him.

Like a lot Kiwi’s, Kale likes to spend time in or on the water with friends and family; surfing, diving, fishing, lying on the bow of the boat or being washed up on shore. Kale can’t turn down the chance to swing a golf club and having grown up playing elite level basketball, he will always say yes to a game of pick up.

Kale is passionate about giving back and manages our Dreamdays partnerships, the Dreamdays annual golf tournament and the operation behind the growth of One50 Dreamdays.