Kale Emery

Kale has an unequivocal thirst for knowledge. He’s been in various roles over many industries; from “on the tools” in trade, to National Account Management, to Founding and running his own business – Kale has a proven desire for development and growth.

Coming from an Automotive family, he spent several years in the industry following tradition, learning the craft and excelling through National position until the routine lost its ability to teach. Now he finds himself with the One50 group, devoting time to making his clients lives more convenient and their finances as beneficial to their lifestyle as possible.

In his spare time, like many Kiwi’s, Kale likes to spend time in or on the Ocean with friends and family – Surfing, diving, fishing or lying on the bow of the boat. Having grown up playing elite level Basketball, Kale also gives time to Coaching High School development Basketball. Something he is very passionate about, giving back. When he can, he doesn’t say no to swinging a Golf Club for some fun either.

027 582 6061