Kelly Harvey

Kelly Has recently joined One50 Group as an Administration Assistant in the General Insurance team. Over the past few years she has worked in Administration and Events, having taken a break from the insurance world since having kids. Prior to starting a family, Kelly came from an insurance background having spent around 10 years in the industry.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys spending time with her two young children, who keep her pretty busy! They all enjoy bushwalks, bike rides, scootering and outings to the beach as well as quiet time in watching movies and playing with their new kittens; Georgie and Shadow.

When Kelly does get downtime, she loves catching up with friends, reading, photography, running, hitting the gym, playing indoor netball and more recently – indoor soccer. Travel is also a big passion of Kelly’s ever since spending a year abroad in Germany in her late teenage years. Before having kids, Kelly travelled fairly extensively but has been keeping it a little more local in recent years. Kelly is now planning where the next big adventure will take her.