Madi La Grange

Madi completed a Business Science degree in South Africa, then she went to work in London for 18 months for Hays Accountancy while travelling as much as she could.  She went back to Cape Town and while working 3 years for a big Chartered Accountancy firm, she completed her Honours degree in Accountancy and qualified as an Accountant.  She worked another 3 years for Bloomberg Medical Group and left to start her own Accounting firm. She ran her own firm for 16 years, focussing on SME`s,  servicing Medical Specialists, Architects, Engineers and IT specialists.

She joined One50Group to expand her advisory as well as technical knowledge, while doing her bridging course to convert her qualifications to be a Chartered Accountant in New Zealand.  She only has 3 papers left which she will complete over the next year.

When Madi`s partner was offered a position in Auckland, the whole family emigrated earlier this year. She has a 14 year old daughter, Elmi and a 12 year old son, JC.  They all like traveling and hiking and weekends you will find the family in the mountains or on a hiking trial.