Steph Kolovos

Steph joined the incredible team at One50 Group in 2015.  Her roles have brought her a variety of different tasks and opportunities from being the friendly face at our front desk, working with our clients and insurers to process claims, supporting and teaching our administration team, financial advisers and just generally keeping things ticking in our Auckland office. 

Steph also spent her first 3 years at One50 group working directly alongside Managing Director Greg Munt learning the ins and outs of insurance and managing his extensive client base. She likes to think of herself as one of his many proteges.

With a healthy knowledge of our different businesses and an in-depth understanding of the ins and outs of our office and processes, she is not only one of our Financial Advisers but also our Auckland office team leader..

Steph has a real passion for all things food and wine! She loves spending time with her partner Michael in the kitchen creating and perfecting their favourite meals, as well as dining out and experiencing the culinary magic Auckland’s food scene has to offer.

She also enjoys all things nature and heading out experiencing New Zealand’s incredible scenery.  Her favourite method of exploring would be treks off the beaten track, road trips and going out on Michael’s boat. She’s an avid fisherwomen and looks to get out on the water any chance she gets.

Steph is a very bubbly and social person, spending quality time with her friends and family is extremely important to her. She comes from an amazing and loving Greek family with an unbelievable history full of incredible stories.

021 0882 2446