Tas Kaur

Born and bred in tropical paradise Fiji, Tas started her insurance career in 2010 with Global Broking firm, Marsh Ltd as an Insurance Broker.  She was fortunate to have the exposure to deal with high end clients ranging from property investment, banking, construction, aviation, law firms etc. She was wearing multiple hats, as a broker, risk advisor, claims person, internal compliance officer, accounting guru (following her first job entry into Marsh world after studying Accounting and Information Systems at the famously known University of the South Pacific.  Tas has come across some great mentors/ leaders and follows their footpath.  Tas was challenged to take Senior role and given her hard work/ dedication she was promoted to Senior Broker before embarking on an overseas journey in 2015.

Tas is enjoying relaxed kiwi lifestyle, lives on North Shore and is making NZ her second home (Fiji will always be her first home). Tas has shown keen interest in Maori culture and successfully completed ‘Cultural Awareness Programme for Corporates.  Tas has both corporate and commercial broking background and served in multiple roles at Marsh Auckland since 2015 (Broker, Operations Specialist on a 6 months temporary assignment) and Risk Advisor before getting head hunted by her so called ‘Dream Team’ at One50 Group.  She specialises in Fire and General lines along with Financial lines and has a strong drive for new business to make her job challenging and exciting.

In her leisure time, she loves to cook authentic Fiji Indian food, smashing at group fitness classes at gym, spending quality time with her flatmates and close friends over ‘hot choc’ or a glass of pinot noir.  She loves to explore running tracks and enjoys dancing to bhangra beats and loves dressing up for different occasions.  Tas is a strong believer of giving back to local community and seen as an inspirational figure by Fijians.  Surprisingly she was the first Fijian to run as a Charity Hero for The Mental Health Foundation of NZ in 2019 ASB Auckland Marathon.  Tas is hoping to run internationally (Noosa) and London Marathon eventually. Tas believes the joy of life is simplicity, family and choosing your friends wisely.  Tas always plans her overseas holidays with her so called twin sister and looks forward to family reunion (Fiji/ Australia where her brother lives).

Motto in Life:-

‘Life is a journey” and “The Key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles”.