About One50 Dream Days

One50 Dream Days is the charitable initiative of One50 Group.

The idea is to connect everyday kiwis, families, businesses, sports clubs or even schools to organise One Day to provide a meaningful experience to a candidate family who has a child affected by an illness or disability.

Our candidate families are without a doubt deserving of a fun day out as a much-needed distraction from the challenges they face having a child with an illness or disability. It could be as simple as organising a day at the beach with a bbq, borrowing a jet ski, taking a family fishing, picking them up in a fancy car and taking them for a picnic or something based on contacts or connections you may already have.

We challenge you to take One Day to provide a Dream to a worthy family!

See Dream Days below.

Be part of this charitable moment.

If you are up to the challenge, then we’d like to hear from you ASAP! Please send us an email with your background. Are you a business owner getting your team to organise this day as a team building experience? Are you a family or group of friends who would like to do this together? Are you a sports club member who would like to organise a day with your fellow club mates? What kind of Dream Day do you think you could organise through your own resources or calling in some favours from others you know? We can’t wait to hear from you! We’ll then get in contact to discuss further and ultimately connect you with a candidate family. Go on, email us now and pay it forward!

If you are a family who has a child with an illness or disability and would welcome a day out of fun with one of our donors then we’d also like to hear from you. If you could send us a profile of your family including details of any organisations you belong to as a part of your child’s illness (for example Canteen, Heart Kids, Kidney Kids, Child Cancer) then we’ll register your interest and when available make the connection with a donor family/business. Please include a photo, age, siblings, and interests or future goals of your child.

“Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers & the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground, let their spirit ignite a fire within you to leave this world better than when you found it.”

E-mail us your info at one50dreamdays@one50group.co.nz

Max's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days and Signature Homes team for Max

Logan & Zavier's Dream Day

Check out the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Day team for brothers Logan & Zavier.

Benjiro's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for Benjiro

Kruden's Dream Day

One50 Group Dream Days Team meet up with the amazing Kruden and his Family 29th September to take them all out on a Dream Day. Kruden is a 5 year old Millwater local and is having treatment for Leukaemia. We picked up the Family early with Kruden enjoying a ride in a Lamborghini. First stop of the day was at Dad’s pies in Silverdale, primary sponsor of the day. From there we went to North Shore Airport where Ben took Kruden, his Dad and younger sister on a flight out over Omaha and surrounds. From there we moved onto the Police K9 Unit in Ellerslie where Kruden was taken on a tour and had some fun with the Police dogs. Followed by a lunch stop at Pita Pit. Then on to check out the Fire Service at both Ellerslie and Mt Wellington. Kruden and his sister were both asleep within 5 mins of starting the journey home.

Thomas's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for Thomas.
Thanks to @helicoptermeauckland @wellingtonphoenix & @lanifogelberg

Joenah's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for Joenah

Reuben's Treasure Hunt Dream Day

Click on the link to watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for young Reuben

Lauren's Dream Day

Lauren is only nine years old, but has sadly recently been diagnosed with cancer, and undergone numerous gruelling treatments over the past year. For her Dream Day, Lauren and her family were driven in a Lamborghini to an airport on the North Shore, where they got to experience a scenic helicopter flight around Auckland! After the flight, they were taken to the MAGS working farm, where they fed the animals and even had a ride in an all-terrain vehicle. Next stop was a yummy picnic sushi lunch in Albany and then the family were treated to a nails and make-up pamper session. Silver Fern Michaela Sokolich had made a special video to give to give to Lauren, along with a goodie bag. The final stop of the day was to Yolanda and Wolfe Donut shop, where they got to fill and decorate their own donuts – as well as eating some with a hot drink!

Gardenia's Dream Day

First meet Gardenia – she’s 14 years old and was first diagnosed with kidney disease at age 12. She’s currently on dialysis, awaiting a matching donor. Gardenia and her family were picked up on their Dream Day and first taken to the Mt Albert Grammar School (MAGS) working farm, where they were able to watch cows being milked, calves and pigs being fed – and they even got to feed a lamb! They then headed off to Takapuna for a wee wander along the beautiful beach, followed by a scrummy shared lunch at Pita Pit with the crew from One50 Group. Next it was off to Snowplanet, where Gardenia had her first ever experience with snow! She was then picked up in a Lamborghini and taken to Manly beach for a ride in a Sealegs boat – this was the first time on the water for Gardenia. After an exhausting but fun day, the tired family were taken back home – Gardenia was also thrilled with her gift of a Sony PlayStation.

Ryan's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for Ryan

Jethro & Gabriel's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for brother Jethro and Gabriel

Liam's Dream Day

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for Liam

Josh's Surprise Dream Day on his Birthday

Watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for Josh

Kieran and Ryan's Dream Day

We’d like to introduce you to two wonderful little men we had the pleasure of meeting on Sunday. Ryan and Kieran sadly lost their Dad to cancer a very short time ago. We can’t even imagine how devastating this would be, or fathom the challenging times these boys have ahead growing up without their Dad. The team here at One50 decided that we could give the boys our support and the opportunity to build friendships with some fine male role models as ‘Big Brothers.’

We picked them up on Sunday in some awesome cars (Lamborghini, Mustang and Mercedes), and took them to the epic team at Heletranz. After a Heli flight around the sky tower, we took them to our office, played some pool and a bit of basketball with some of the team, then out for some lunch before dropping them home.

We’ve set up a Whatsapp chat group so that Ryan and Kieran have their ‘Big Brothers at One50 Group’ in their lives, and we are able to share messages, photos and even YouTube links with them on a regular basis. Likewise we’re encouraging our awesome male team members to see what they can each do for the boys in the months ahead. Whether they are going out with mates to play ball, going to the beach, basically anything that a couple of worthy young lads like Ryan and Kieran would enjoy.

So, what we’re asking of you fine humans reading this post is would you consider taking a few hours out of your day to take Ryan and Kieran with you the next time you go and do something ‘blokey’ that they’d enjoy? If so, please message us and we’ll connect you with their mum. We can assure you that this will be a very rewarding thing for everyone.


Brad's Weekend in Auckland


Batman & Robin Day Out

Click on the link to watch the amazing day put on by the One50 Dream Days team for young Jayden, an Auckland youngster who’s favourite superhero is Batman!